Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Las Vegas And The Desert

We spent five days in Las Vegas and while there, toured Lake Mead and the Red Rock Canyon. Here are some shots of both, along with some texture and nature studies from each area. As usual, clicking the photos will take you to better, hi-res versions of each picture.

Lake Mead

Slipping The Surly Bonds Of Earth

Lake Mead National Park

Red Rock Canyon

Fall Color
The Canyon Near Sunset (also includes following photos)


And as promised, some nature and texture studies.



And someone having fun...


Eva said...

Very impressive and beautiful! And the emerald green water is so surprising in the middle of the dry lands.

Chris Daly said...

What beautiful photographs. You certainly have a good eye.

Robbie said...

A smiley face in the desert...perfect!

deb did it said...

great shots!! I can see the quilters eye thru your lens!!