Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'll state right up front that I am not a professional photographer. In my opinion, a pro not only cares about photographic lighting, composition and quality, they also care about and know their equipment. I care a great deal about the first three things- not so much the last thing: I have a wonderful camera and the most I ask of it is that when I point and click, it takes pretty photos. Beyond that, I know little about it. I am a hobbyist and likely always will be.

But I do love capturing a moment with my camera, and in particular, the tiny moments in life, the ones you have to zoom in on to look at closely. This is what you will see in this journal. My art will still be contained at my other blog site. Approachable Art.

Nature is one of my favorite subjects. I spend a good deal of time outside, scanning the skies, the trees and the ground for interesting tidbits or animal activities. Here is some of what I've captured. Clicking on any photo will take you to a larger, hi-res version. Many of my photos are best viewed in this way.

Birds are an endless fascination to me. You'll see quite a few of them in this blog.

Turkey Vulture

Red-Tailed hawk

Male Cardinal

Drowsy Day

How's This Work?


Insects captivate me as well, particularly dragonflies and butterflies.

Hang On For Dear Life

Not Easy Being Green

Tiny Treasure

Flowers and trees will be well represented here, too.


Wind Dancer

And I photograph textures obsessively.

Until next time!


Mrs Moen said...

Congratulations on your new blog; great pictures! I particulary loved "Mine!".

Looking forward to the pictures from the quilt show...

Eva said...

What a great idea to start this album! I won't miss a posting. The bird pictures are sensationel. May this blog prosper.

Gina said...

I've admired your wonderful photos on your art site; this will be a great blog site! "How does this work' and 'Mine' are my favorites so far.

I like how you defined and differentiated the pro from amateur. If we could double the time in a day wouldn't it be great to actually study and learn all about the equipment?! But too much; I too will stick to point and shoot although my camera doesn't cooperate as well as your's! :)

deb did it said...

great shots! I LOVE "HOW DOES THIS WORK" have fun and keep your eyes open!!

tiedyejudy said...

Wonderful! I'm with you... point and shoot is my fave way too! I'm adding you to my favorite blogs right now!

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Pro or not, your photos are lovely! I like your humorous take on them!

Nancy said...

Love your new blog Judi, and will be following it. As artists, what would we all do without our cameras which freeze the subject in time so we can deeply observe them as we should. Great idea and great photos!


Bev said...

Judi's my daughter, and I must say to one and all that I'm VERY proud of her on so many levels. Regarding art work, she's come a long way in a short time and has an amazing eye for detail even with no formal training. It just seems to come naturally to her. I'm so glad she's willing to share her work with others!


Approachable Photos said...

Best Mom Ever! ^